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Happy Tails from past residents!

Who doesn't love a story with a happy ending?!

Here is one of ours! 


Olf arrived at the shelter with his son Bjorn. He and Bjorn were rescued from an owner who kept them tied up outside away from each other until they were needed for work. After the community came together to bring attention to their terrible conditions, they were rescued and taken to us. Over the course of several months, Olf learned not all people are mean. Despite his improvement, he didn't receive many visitors during his stay with us, and it looked as though he'd never get adopted. One day a couple came along to meet him, and we had never seen Olf so happy. He did everything he could to demonstrate what an amazing dog he could be, despite his difficult past, and he was finally adopted! No matter how difficult or impossible a shelter dog appears, if they are given enough time here in a great environment, they will find their forever home. Your donations allow us to keep our doors open, and the animals cannot thank you enough.

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